Who are we?

Anikarth Ventures specializes in direct investment within early-stage startups, both within India and internationally. The venture firm aims to identify startups that present disruptive solutions to significant challenges.

Beyond just providing financial support, Anikarth Ventures offers smart capital, which combines financial resources with an extensive network and brand backing to accelerate the growth of emerging businesses.

The initiative is part of the Family office of the Jagran group, which has established interests in the media, real estate, and hosiery sectors.

Leading Anikarth Ventures are Dr. Aarti Gupta and Rahul Gupta, members of the promoter family of the Jagran group.

What does the name denote?

The word "Anikarth" is derived by combining two Sanskrit words: "Anik" and "Arth". "Anik" means many or numerous, and "Arth" means purpose, meaning, or goal. Therefore, "Anikarth" means that the company supports multiple startups or ventures, each with their own unique purpose or goal.

The Triskele on top is symbolic of strength, wisdom and the nurturing power of the feminine. It reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution, the three spirals symbolic of our capital, mentorship and network helping startups in their journey of growth.

Dr. Aarti Gupta

Dr. Aarti Gupta is a seasoned investment strategist who has been at the helm of her family office (DM Gupta Family, Jagran Group) for the past 13 years. She is the Chief Investment Officer at Anikarth Ventures, an angel-investing firm that invests in innovative early-stage start-ups with transformative solutions.

Dr. Gupta is committed to promoting women's entrepreneurship and currently serves as the National Head for FICCI FLO Start-ups, an initiative for women founders and investors. She also serves as an independent director with Jindal Stainless Steels in addition to being on boards of several family-owned businesses and start-ups, leveraging her investment strategy expertise to help these companies grow and succeed.  

As a TEDx speaker, Dr. Gupta actively speaks on topics related to financial literacy, entrepreneurship, investment, and women empowerment.

She has also served as an investor on India's first reality start-up funding TV Show, Horses Stable, with an intent to seek out companies with innovative and transformative solutions to significant problems.

She is the chairperson of the Start-up Committee and on the board as an advisor to the Women's Entrepreneurial Committee of Merchant Chamber of UP and on the board of Harvard Alumni for Global Women's Empowerment

Inc42 has named her among 32 Top Women Torchbearers in the country.

Dr. Gupta has a PhD in Economics from IIT, Kanpur, a post-graduate diploma in business studies from Harvard University, and a Master's degree in Economics from Northeastern University.

Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta is a Non-Executive Director of the Company and has been associated with the Company since June 10, 2015. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Lancaster University (UK) and a Bachelor's Degree in Science (Business and Management Studies) from the University of Bradford (UK).

With almost two decades of experience in the media industry, Mr. Gupta has worked in top media groups in Ireland, UK & India. He started his career with Independent Newspapers (Ireland) and later worked in The Independent's advertising department in London. He has been instrumental in helping build the radio business for the Jagran Group, which involved setting up the Radio Mantra Stations in 2006, and the acquisition of Radio City in 2015. Mr. Gupta also served as the Senior Vice President of the Association of Radio Operators for India (AROl). He headed the Music Committee, which helped rationalize music royalties for radio in India.

Currently, he heads and manages the operations of Jagmini Micro Knit Private Limited ("JMKPL"), one of the largest producers and exporters of legwear in India. Leading the expansion and growth story of JMKPL, Mr. Gupta sets the company's strategic direction and is guiding its exponential growth in North America & mainland Europe.

Driven by his strong entrepreneurial spirit, vision, and ability to forge best-in-industry partnerships, he has established "Balenzia" as one of the fastest-growing D2C brands in the apparel industry, collaborating with iconic brands like Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network.